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We don’t build this portal just for our own write-ups and articles. Hence, we need your intellectual contribution! Have read the publication and article submission guidelines? Click here to here start submitting.

You are most welcomed to submit your article to us. No rewards will be given for any articles submitted to Angkasfera as we are non-profit portal and fully self-funded by us. The following is the publication and article submission guidelines.

Article theme
The article theme must fulfill any of the following field of study:
1. Space science (space weather, atmospheric phenomenon, solar events etc)
2. Environment (climate change, nature conservation, renewable energy etc)
3. Earth science (geomagnetism, geospatial, natural disaster, oceanography etc)
4. Geology (minerals, rocks, geoarcheology, tectonic events etc)
5. Technology and engineering (engineering, innovation, material science and instrumentation for application in earth science and space)
6. Astronomy (Islamic astronomy, astroclimatology, astrophysics, astrochemistry etc)
7. Economy and management (space policy, ecotourism etc)
8. Education and career (pathways in higher education, sharing in research field, career pathways etc)

Article specifications
Article should follows the following specification with minor adjustments to adapt with the author needs:
1. Articles in Malay are prioritized however articles in English are acceptable too.*
2. Recommended total number of words is between 300 to 600, excluding the title, any links and references. Lengthy article can be segmented into several parts.
3. Words used should be kept as simple as possible to suit with public readers. Casual writing intonation is recommended but the use of lingo and made-up words should be avoided.
4. The author is advised to include graphical materials (pictures, diagrams, tables and illustrations) to complement with text in the article. The recommended total number are 2 to 8.

*Committee members may translate any articles into the second language to balance the number of articles in both languages.

Article preparation
The followings are guidelines in preparing articles:
1. Article must be written by using Microsoft Word software and sent in .doc or .docx format.
2. Article must have a short yet interesting title.
3. Each graphical materials must have a brief caption.
4. For graphical materials obtained from internet, the author only needs to include the source link for the material without including it in article text. Right-click on the material and Copy Image Link. For graphical material originally from the author, please include it in the article.
5. Regardless of whether the article is written in Malay or English, the author must include the translation for any science terms in the second language right after the term is used. This step is to encourage the cross translation process in both languages.**
6. Include list of references in the form of link at the end of articles.
7. Please refer the following example.

**The author may include an empty bracket ‘( )’ should the author is unsure with the translation of the term. The translation will be added during the editing process.

Article submission
The following is the process for article submission:
1. Any submitted article will be reviewed, edited and published within 3 days.
2. Any articles published belong to Angkasfera.
3. Click here to here start submitting.