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Angkasfera is a scientific portal built for the public in the effort to popularize and utilize the knowledge properly, especially in the national language as a medium of communication. We found that academicians and researchers, especially in institutes of higher learning are less aware and possess less courage to share their knowledge to the public. This observation triggers the idea of establishing Angkasfera in June 2018.

Why Angkasfera?
Angkasfera devotes several fields of space and earth science; hence its name derives as angkasa (space) + sfera (sphere refers to the Earth). The content of Angkasfera covers several areas such as space science, environment, earth science, geology, technology & engineering, astronomy, economics & management and education & careers. Angkasfera supports the aspiration of serving the community and it is a non-profit portal.

Who are we?
Angkasfera was founded, owned and fully managed by the Earth and Space Science Students Association, Institute of Climate Change, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). We are comprised of postgraduate students under the guidance of a lecturer from the institute.


Dr. Kuhan Chandru is a research fellow  at the Institute of Climate Change in UKM. He has expertise in the field of astrobiology, environmental organic geochemistry, marine biology and origin of life. He is passionate about the dissemination of knowledge to the community in the form of service. He also believes that a wealth of knowledge, even small, should be shared and will sprout into a tree that surrounds the whole community.

Chief editor

Nur Izzati Mohd Rosli is a doctorate student in space weather, speacilizing in the characteristics and phenomena that occur in the Earth’s ionosphere. Judging from the lack of exposure in space weather among students and community members, she hopes that this portal will contribute to the knowledge expansion of the field. She also thinks that this portal can appeal and nurture the interest of Malaysians so that our country will be the pioneer in the space weather field.

Editing coordinator (Malay)

Khairul Adib Yusof is a doctoral student (geophysics) specializing in earthquake forecasting as well as a co-founder of the portal Fiziklah!. He always believes that academicians should not trap themselves in the scope of publishing paper solely. He also has high confidence in national language capability as the language of knowledge. He hopes that the usage of the language in science and mathematics would no longer be considered as uncommon in the future.

Editing coordinator (Malay)

Nurumira Ashikin Wahab is pursuing doctoral degrees in the space science field and her study focuses on magnetic and plasma properties in space. From her perspective, everyone should not cease learning in any conditions. Besides that, she hopes to work with other colleagues in setting up this portal to inspire people to learn more and know better about our universe.

Editing coordinator (English)

Rishabh Saxena is a postgraduate student and researcher in space science specializing in polar lightning. He is currently working on the development of numerical models for lightning forecasting. He believes that success is never an accident and is always the results of commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. Besides studying, he also works as a freelance researcher in Asgardia Space Nation, and is also the founder and director for Ankurish Innovations & Technologies.

Portal administrator

Ahmad Hazuwan Hamid is a space science-based scholar who specializes in environmental study. He is a graduate of Universiti Teknologi Petronas in chemical engineering. He is very fond of challenges and constantly strives to seek a new experience, especially in science and computer field. He believes that, this science portal will enhance curiosity and cultivate interest in the community, especially in young generation.

Social media manager

Johari Talib is a graduate student (space science), specializing in radio astronomy. He has an academic background in the field of electronic engineering and physics science. He also has a working experience in the semiconductor sector. He is passionate about the telecommunications field, especially in the area of radio frequency and he believes that telecommunication in space science will support an important role in understanding the Earth and its relation to space.

Social media manager

Amirul Mustaqim Azman  is a student of space science (geophysics) under specialization in earthquake prediction through the TEC anomalies and seismogram. Being a graduate of UKM in the geology department, he believes that when looking for a new idea, the researchers should think out of the box to explore new fields. He also believes that the Malay language can be used as an intermediary language in the field of space science for empowering the national language universally.

Marketing strategist

Faiz Arif studies soil measurement in a photogrammetry field. He adopts a modern approach to the land surveying of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) which is a proposition to the 4th Industrial Revolution. He believes that the national language is the gateway to the world of knowledge for people to raise their level of understanding. He is currently pursuing Master’s degree at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and an entrepreneur in the Muslim fashion world.